Journal Questions To Process With The Lord

Hi friends,

I usually have a women’s group at my house once a month to process and reflect on what God is doing in our lives and support one another as we walk out what God is calling us each in. Unfortunately, I had to cancel tonight because of a sick little one. But I already had these questions prepared with the Lord and think He still wants to use them to bless people even though it won’t be in a setting where we can process together. So if you are interested in reflecting with the Lord, here are the questions.

Looking back:

  • What new thing has God been teaching you or speaking to you about this month?
  • What was unexpected about this past month? What does God want to say about that?
  • Ask God to highlight something from this year that he wants you to reinterpret with him. What is he saying about it?
  • Ask God to give you an image /picture in your mind that relates to this past year. Ask him what the picture means?
  • Ask God what one of His favorite moments of your past year was. Why is that one of His favorite moments?
  • Think back over the past year and make a list of the major events in your life, the trials, and the victories.

Looking forward:

  • Ask God for a specific word for yourself for this month. What is He saying about that word?
  • Ask God which of your prophetic words or things He has been speaking to you about are for the next few weeks.
  • Is God calling you to prepare for the next season? What is He asking you to do in preparation?
  • How does God want to meet with you and bring you into deeper intimacy with Himself during this Christmas season?

Final activity:

Prophetic ornament exchange – Ask God for a word for the person you will give your ornament to. Write the word and press in for what God is saying about that word.

We were going to make a prophetic ornament, asking God for 1-2 words for the person we were going to be paired with. The front side of the ornament was going to be those 1-2 words and the back was going to have further thoughts about what God was saying for the person. If you would still like to engage in this activity, feel free to even just write on a note card a word for someone and ask the Lord who needs it.

I’m so sad to miss the time with the women of the group, but I hope this reaches further and blesses more people as a result!

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  1. Thank you Emily for this! I loved going through this even on my own. God is so good and your leadership is priceless

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