Words: Theology, Faith, and Belief

As I’ve written and edited my book over the past months, I’ve thought a great deal about the ideas of theology, faith, and belief. How do they overlap? In what ways are they different? As I’ve considered the weight and connotations of each of these words in my own life, I find that though they have similar meanings, they are quite different, at least, for me. For example, the word theology by definition (and in my own life) has a connotation of education and study. Theology also has a connotation of certainty. I’m recognizing that it has a physical weight and size attached to it in my life—not literally, but as I feel the word in my head. It has a weight to it. It is dense and heavy, and feels like a solid medal around my neck –  perhaps like a metal medallion. The weight of it holds me […]

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