Step In Hope LLC

Step In Hope LLC is (in it’s most basic form) a small business that publishes, promotes, and manages Christian books and merchandise and authors. The more abstract goal of the company is to promote hope and encourage Christians to walk more deeply with the Lord and more lovingly with others by sharing blogs, resources, music, and merchandise.

Step In Hope LLC was formed to publish books, but it is far more than that. It is a passion to encourage Christians that there is more to Christianity than they may have experienced. Here we hope to show you that Jesus wants to offer much more than perhaps what you’ve experienced. We’d like to propel you toward Jesus. Just take one step toward the hope of something more.

Step In Hope LLC started as a reluctant step into the world of business. There’s nothing wrong with business, but the business side is simply a necessary stepping stone on the path to our passion. We care about people and their hearts. We care about what God wants to do in their lives.

Step In Hope LLC is located in Acworth, GA.
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