Pharisee Set Free Testimonies

We have several community pages for you to connect with others.

We have all been designed for relationship. When we begin to start renewing our mind and examining old ways of thinking and letting go of some of the things we believed in the past, it can cause issues with our current community. Since we tend to gravitate towards those who think and act like us, as we adjust our thinking, we begin to feel distance from those we’ve previously been close to.

As you process and examine old ways of thinking and compare them with scripture, questions may come up that you don’t feel comfortable asking those around you.

We believe there is a balance. God is not calling you away from the church or people you are around. It is likely that He is calling you to them. He wants to use your relationships to lovingly show people who He really is as revealed in scripture. But as you adjust your thinking, you may also be seeking a safe place to ask questions and talk with other believers who are on a similar journey.

It is our goal to keep the Testimony and the Facebook pages safe places to process, question, and relate to others who are dealing with many of the same issues. To the best of our ability we will keep them regulated, positive, encouraging, and grounded in scripture. It is your responsibility to be wise about who you share information with and what information you share. We can not guarantee the identity of the people who join these groups.

Both the Testimony and Facebook pages are hosted by external companies, but as far as it is within our ability we will protect your information.

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