Pharisee Set Free FAQs

Who is the book written for?
This book is primarily for people who are in church and have been Christians for a while, but it can also encourage new believers and those who abandoned their Christian faith. It is for those who have been hurt by the church and for those who have inadvertently hurt others in the church.

Why should I read the book?
You should read the book as a way to really examine your faith and decide if everything you believe is scriptural or if it is merely tradition or opinion. Another reason to read the book is if you are feeling discouraged or stagnant in your Christian faith. It will jump start you to deeper engagement with the Lord.

Was the book really written in 30 days?
The first draft of the book was written in 30 days. It was 43,968 words and included all the same chapters in the same order as the final version that went to print. God provided the grace to write it that quickly.

What was the rest of the book writing process like?
The process was long, but here is the gist. After those first 30 days, God had me share the draft with several people and told me to not look at it again until someone had finished it. So I ended up not looking at it for the next 30-45 days (I can't remember the exact number). Then God put me in touch with an amazing editor who saw my vision and message immediately. We spent the next 3 months editing, while I was also starting a business to publish the book and working on webdesign for the websites. Finally, I started working with a book release team and finalized the publishing plan.

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