• Walk with God – Hand in Hand
    This picture has been on my vision board all year, but up until today, I hadn’t paid much attention to the “hand in hand” part. I’ve been walking with God for years, sometimes more closely than others. But I’m not sure that I’ve done much hand-holding. I feel like the Lord said to me, “If […]
  • When Nothing Satisfies
    Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed multiple moments where I felt rather dissatisfied and discontent. The interesting and troubling thing about these feelings is that they weren’t during frustrating, trying, or even mundane moments. Instead, these feelings have come at moments where I expected to find contentment, deep happiness, and feelings of fulfillment. They’ve […]
  • The Most Life-Changing Thing I’ve Learned
    Much of the modern-day church is missing one of the most important pieces of the Christian life. This missing piece has led to luke-warm christianity, pharisee behavior, false teachings, and acceptance of many things from the kingdom of darkness. It has led to a generation of Christians gripped by fear, suffering from anxiety and depression, […]
  • Cleaning Up The Post-Christmas Clutter…
    …in our homes and in our hearts. As I was quieting myself for time with the Lord, I was distracted thinking about all the after-Christmas clean up my home needs. I’ve got bags and bows that need to be stored for another year or tossed out if there isn’t room. The garage is full of […]
  • Journal Questions To Process With The Lord
    Hi friends, I usually have a women’s group at my house once a month to process and reflect on what God is doing in our lives and support one another as we walk out what God is calling us each in. Unfortunately, I had to cancel tonight because of a sick little one. But I […]